Client Reviews

In 2009 my husband, Jim, and I began the process of building our home; a project neither of us had done before so we proceeded with a bit of caution and a lot of anxiety.

Our choice to take Signature Homes as our builder turned out to be one of the best choices we made.  Our general contractor made himself a partner throughout the building process.  From the first planning day to move-in day, no decision was ever made without our knowledge and consent.   He took the time to walk through each detail of our floor plan, listening to all of our requests and making recommendations that not only addressed aesthetics of the home but also many engineering and functional aspects.

Throughout the construction process, we were impressed with the craftsmanship of each sub-contractor.  Attention to detail was paramount with each and on-site change requests were addressed in a timely fashion.

In the end, our home was better than we had imagined.  Signature Homes took our vision and built it to perfection.  I know they will be the first call we make when we decide to build our next house.


Cynthia Davis

Dear Mr. Meade,

In 2008, my husband and I wanted to build a home and we were unsure where to start. All we knew is that we wanted to be included in the design of our home. After talking to many builders and touring many models, we decided on Signature Homes. Your staff patiently interviewed us to determine what we were looking for and helped us design the “perfect home” in our minds. They allowed us to be involved in the design process unlike production builders. They knew that quality and value were very important to us and provided just that. Through efficient design and our involvement, we gained instant equity. The compliments form friends and family continue to roll in. We couldn’t be more satisfied and would build again with Signature Homes!

It is a wonderful feeling to have a home that is part of you, a home that allows you to share yourself with every visitor, and a home that tells a story. That is what Signature Homes gave us and we are extremely grateful for that. It really was the best experience that me, my husband and our four children have shared together.

Gratefully Yours,

Nicole Thornton